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Kenya Kiandieri AA

Kenya Kiandieri AA

This community lot from the Kiandieri washing station, in the foothills of Mt. Kenya, is not your classic “berries and red fruit” Kenyan coffee. Pineapple and apple cider flavors make up the high end, with deep caramel sweetness rounding out the low end, this is a wonderful cup for the waning days of autumn.

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About This Coffee

Flavors: Pineapple, caramel, cider
Sourced from: Kirinyaga, Kenya
Elevation grown: 1650 - 1800 Meters
Producers: Smallholder farmers
Varietals: SL28, SL34, Batian, Ruiru 11
Harvested: 2023
Process: Washed

Kirinyaga, Kenya

Like all other Kenyan coffees, this is a day lot made up of many smallholder farmers' crops. The Kenyan coffee system forbids direct relationships with producers and mandates that all coffees are processed by cooperatives and sold by licensed exporters. This unfortunately dilutes individual crops' terroir and disincentivizes agronomic improvements, but highly prioritizes processing quality. Washed Kenyan coffees are immaculate, very clean-tasting.

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