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Guatemala Lazaro Constanza

Guatemala Lazaro Constanza

Elm has been buying coffees from the Constanza family year after year, and they never disappoint. Lazaro’s crop this year is excellent: a clean cup bursting with lemon lime brightness that is balanced with deeper flavors of stonefruit and caramel. 

Lazaro is a very quality-focused producer, and is attentive to every detail of growing and processing his coffee. Cherry on his farm is picked very selectively, only when each fruit is fully ripened, and is sorted again before and after fermentation to ensure any over or underripe beans are filtered out. 

Lazaro continually improves his farm, introducing new equipment like a roof for his fermentation tanks to keep it cool and shaded, a sorting screen for his de-pulper to thoroughly clean the cherry for more even fermentation, as well as more organic improvements, like keeping cows on the farm for manure to mix with cherry pulp for fertilizer, or planting trees to trap vital rainwater.


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