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Guatemala Crispin Matias

Guatemala Crispin Matias

Crispin Matias operates his farm in San Antonio Huista, in the Huehuetenango department of Guatemala. This region is perfect for growing high quality coffees, with limestone soils, high altitudes, cold nights and hot days, but production has been devastated by climate change. Luckily, Matias is a founding member of Asociación Integral Agrícola Sostenible Toneca-Toneca Sustainable Agricultural Association (ASIAST), a local association that has not just worked hard to improve coffee quality and sell microlots to specialty coffee buyers, but also introduce sustainable farming practices.

Matias’ farm has introduced rainwater harvesting, composting systems, and planted native shade and fruit trees, all to ensure that his remote farm can remain economically and agriculturally viable. His efforts provide an excellent model on how specialty coffee production can provide a bulwark against climate change and maintain producers’ livelihoods through worsening conditions.

The end result from all the hard work is a delightful coffee, with stone fruit flavors and the classic Guatemalan nougat sweetness that makes these coffees so enjoyable.


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