Ethiopia Yukro

Peach, key lime, black tea.

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  • Flavors Peach, key lime, black tea.
  • sourced from Agaro, Ethiopia.
  • elevation grown 2000 meters.
  • producers Smallholder farmers
  • varietals Ethiopia landraces
  • harvested 2022
  • process washed

Yukro is a pristine example of Ethiopian coffee’s excellent qualities, with a bright, sweet profile of peaches and cream, with key lime acidity that keeps you coming back for more. Yukro’s beautiful flavors can be directly attributed to the introduction of washed processing to the region ten years ago, with an investment of processing equipment by Technoserve.

In the hands of the very capable Kata Muduga cooperative union, Yukro is immaculately processed, with every coffee seed mechanically separated from the surrounding fruit and mucilage and then thoroughly washed overnight, ensuring the entire crop is completely clean before the drying process. 

As a result Yukro not only arrives in country sparkling and bright, but continues to develop a more complex flavor as it rests, with an unparalleled longevity for green coffee. We are very excited to serve this coffee and see how it progresses under our watch.