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Ethiopia Neja Fadil

Ethiopia Neja Fadil

Tangerine Grapefruit Brown Sugar
Neja Fadil’s coffee shows us that even in coffee’s native land of Ethiopia, new frontiers can still be found. Even though Fadil’s washing station is located in the legendary growing region of Guji, the community surrounding it have only started growing coffee in the past few years. This washed lot is an exhilarating debut, with immaculate, bright citrus and stonefruit flavors that keep you coming back to the cup. We’re very happy to have secured a limited quantity of this 2023 community lot, and are excited to see how Fadil’s coffee improves over the coming years.

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About This Coffee

Flavors: Tangerine, grapefruit, brown sugar
Sourced from: Guji, Ethiopia
Elevation grown: 2200 Meters
Producers: 45 Smallholder Farmers
Varietals: 74110, 74112, Dega, Wolisho
Harvested: 2023
Process: Washed

Fadil’s wet mill was only founded in 2017, after working for several years as a coffee collector for other washing stations, as well as a stint playing football for his local district’s team! The mill is located in the community of Tobitu Tuta Bekele, and is made up of 250 smallholder farmers. As the mill continues to see success in the specialty market, they’re expanding farmer membership and introducing agronomy training to improve crop quality at each of their member farms.

Guji, Ethiopia

Because Ethiopia is much more populated than other coffee producing countries, the economic structure of coffee is much different. Most farms are much too small to meet minimum export requirements, so most specialty coffee is sold through the cooperative union system. These unions buy coffee at auction prices from their cooperatives, sell them to a buyer, and then collect a 20% service fee from the profit. This may dilute the importance of individual farm’s agronomy, but elevates collective efforts and the importance of processing quality.

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