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Ethiopia Nano Genji

Ethiopia Nano Genji

This lot from the Nano Genji mill is like a cup of liquid Vitamin D, bright and summery with flavors of peach, wildflower honey, and orange that sparkle on the palate. It performs exceptionally well as both filter brews and espresso, with filter tasting more tea-like with a delightful finish, and espressos pushing the lively flavors of peach and orange to the forefront. This is an incredibly exciting coffee, showing what highs you can reach with quality washed processing. 

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About This Coffee

Flavors: Peach, wildflower honey, orange
Sourced from: Agaro, Ethiopia
Elevation grown: 1900 - 2200 Meters
Producers: Smallholder Farmers
Varietals: Ethiopian Landraces
Harvested: 2023
Process: Washed

Agaro, Ethiopia

Nano Genji features advanced milling equipment that guarantees their lots will live up to the reputation of their sister facility. Coffee is mechanically pulped, and then washed in fiberglass tanks overnight to remove all sugars before they hit the drying beds. After 8+ days of drying, the coffees are perfectly clean and at an appropriate moisture level.

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