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Ethiopia Gedeb

Ethiopia Gedeb

Gedeb is another outstanding coffee from Yirgacheffe this year, which is having one of its best seasons in recent memory. We find it bursting with Riesling grape flavors, paired with the subtle floral qualities of elderflower and black tea. We would describe it as punchier and more juicy than Hade Molecha, our other Yirgacheffe coffee from this year. 

The many smallholder farmers that contributed to this lot all pick their cherry at peak ripeness, which is much more simply said than done. This entails multiple pickings throughout the season, as all the coffee ripens at different times, which means many trips to the cooperative washing station. The growers carry their crop on their shoulders, on a donkey’s back, or even in the back of a 3 wheeled taxi if necessary.

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About This Coffee

Flavors: Riesling, elderflower, black tea
Sourced from: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Elevation grown: 1980 - 2100 meters
Producers: Smallholder farmers
Varietals: Local Landraces
Harvested: 2022
Process: Washed

Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

In Gedeb, coffee trees share space with native shade trees: Cordia Africana, Acacia, as well as the ubiquitous Ensete ventricosum, also known as “false banana.” Ensete is a common staple crop in Ethiopia, either by boiling chunks of the rhizome or grinding it into flour for flatbread. Every coffee farm in the region is surrounded by the bright green leaves of the enset plant, towering up to 15 or 20 feet tall.

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