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Ethiopia Belayneh Bariso Natural

Ethiopia Belayneh Bariso Natural

Ethiopia Belayneh Bariso is a very special limited release by Elm, our first natural process coffee. We’ve cupped many natural process samples in the past, but most, while having unique and interesting flavors, are marred by fermenty qualities that make it hard to enjoy for more than a few sips. 

Belayneh Bariso is the first natural process coffee we sampled that was an obvious exception. Clean and drinkable, but with punchy dark fruit flavors like acai and blackberry, backed up by classic Sidama peach and honey. 

A big part of why we love Belayneh Bariso’s coffee is it’s traceable to his farm's individual lots, this one being Lot 44. Most of Ethiopia’s coffee is sent to centralized processing stations, where individual producers’ crops are blended into day lots, a legacy of commodity coffee that makes traceability very difficult and dilutes the unique characteristics of each farm. Belayneh’s producer group, Sidama Coffee Farmer’s Cooperative Union, has been at the forefront of introducing single-producer coffees to the Sidama region, as part of a large effort to improve cup quality.

Natural processing, because of its extended fermentation time, needs constant attention and care to prevent off flavors from developing. Belayneh ensures that his cherries, which are picked only at peak ripeness, are turned six times a day while drying, while constantly assessing the moisture content before being sent to be milled. 


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