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Colombia Juan Camilo Chincunque

Colombia Juan Camilo Chincunque

Juan Camilo Chincunque is our second coffee this year from El Tablón de Gómez municipality of Nariño. Farms in Tablón are small, typically only 1-2 hectares, and passed down multiple generations in a family through inheritance. Producers process their own coffee on site, pulping, washing and drying the coffee themselves. Coffee growing is only a part time job for most producers, spending the remainder of their year growing food or improving their farms’ processing areas for the next harvest season.

Tablón is at the extreme end of elevation for coffee growing, which is conducive to brighter fruit flavors. Chincunque’s coffee in particular errs on the citric side up front, with mandarin orange like acidity, rounded out by dark berry flavor and familiar milk chocolate sweetness.

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