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Colombia Ildefonso Cordoba

Colombia Ildefonso Cordoba

Lychee Bing Cherry Rhum Agricole

Ildefonso is the seed sorcerer of the Los Guacharos association, propagating varietals like the bourbons that are dominating the Colombian specialty market nowadays and distributing them amongst his community. This is his lot of bourbon aji, so named for their bright chili red color and a sense of spice when picked. We love this varietal for its’ unique flavor profile: this lot tastes of tropical citrus, bing cherry, and has the slight funk of a rhum agricole.

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About This Coffee

Flavors: Lychee, bing cherry, rhum agricole
Sourced from: Huila, Colombia
Elevation grown: 1800 Meters
Producers: Ildefonso Cordoba
Varietals: Colombia
Harvested: 2024
Process: Washed

Ildefonso started his 4 hectare farm from scratch 12 years ago, and now grows over 4,000 trees of rare varietals like pink bourbon, yellow bourbon, yellow caturra and bourbon aji. Growing unique varietals such as these presents many challenges, he must be very discerning when picking as color becomes an unreliable indicator of ripeness, and monitor his fermentations very carefully, as all varietals react differently.

Huila, Colombia

Ildefonso is known as the clown of the Los Guacharos association, an active member who raises spirits with his sweet and funny demeanor. Los Guacharos is an independent, quality focused group of producers who share knowledge and pool their crops together to take advantage of larger volume. Collectively, they have been making the switch to organic agriculture, brewing their own fertilizers and fungicides, and introducing water filtration. Their work together not only improves all their crops' quality, but ensures a better livelihood for all in the very volatile market of agricultural production.

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