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Colombia Edilma Piedrahita

Colombia Edilma Piedrahita

Pink Lemonade Orange Blossom Honey

Edilma's lot of pink bourbon is an excellent showcase of both why this varietal has taken Colombia by storm. This coffee is bright, well structured and crisp, like a dry white wine. In the cup, we find tangy lemonade acidity, floral complexity and honeyed sweetness. 

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About This Coffee

Flavors: Pink lemonade, orange blossom, honey
Sourced from: Huila, Colombia
Elevation grown: 1800 Meters
Producers: Edilma Piedrahita
Varietals: Colombia
Harvested: 2024
Process: Washed

The excellence of this lot starts with the absolutely most crucial step: careful picking. Edilma only harvests cherry at peak ripeness, no exceptions. The cherry is then initially fermented in plastic bags for 12-24 hours, before being de-pulped, additionally fermented in sealed pickle barrels for another 36 hours and finally washed. The coffee is then carefully dried, we are always very impressed by the consistency of our Colombian lots' moisture levels, a crucial step in ensuring even roasting.

Huila, Colombia

Edilma is the leader of the Los Guacharos association, who we've bought many coffees from over the years. They're an independent, quality focused group of producers who share knowledge and pool their crops together to take advantage of larger volume. Collectively, they have been making the switch to organic agriculture, brewing their own fertilizers and fungicides, and introducing water filtration. Their work together not only improves all their crops' quality, but ensures a better livelihood for all in the very volatile market of agricultural production.

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