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Ethiopia Bekele Utute

Ethiopia Bekele Utute

Grape Marshmallow Lime

Bekele Utute’s coffee is a true rarity: a single estate Ethiopian coffee, natural processed but clean enough for our picky palates? Very few and far between! This coffee has a very ripe and jammy flavor profile, tasting of green grape, marshmallow, and lime. It’s an absolute delight in the cup and we’re very happy to have secured a limited quantity of such a special coffee.

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About This Coffee

Flavors: Grape, Marshmallow, Lime
Sourced from: Bensa, Ethiopia
Elevation grown: 2250 Meters
Producers: Bekele Utute
Varietals: 74158
Harvested: 2023
Process: Natural

Bekele only secured his export license in 2021, prior to that his coffee was sold to local suppliers, who blended it with everyone else who happened to sell to them. Now that he can sell directly to specialty markets overseas, the unique characteristics of his crop of 74158 varietal can shine.

Bensa, Ethiopia

Single farm coffees like this are a rarity in Ethiopia for a few reasons. First, private farms were only permitted to export fairly recently, since 2008. Secondly, unlike other coffee growing countries, rural Ethiopia is highly populous, and very few farms are large enough to produce a crop that meets export size volume. Smaller farmers must contribute their crops to cooperative unions, who blend them together into day lots large enough for export.

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