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Elm Seasonal Decaf

Elm Seasonal Decaf

Cocoa Cherry

A high-quality natural process decaffeinated coffee. Our coffees are decaffeinated using Ethyl Acetate which is a naturally occurring solvent found in ripening fruits. It uses far less water than water-based methods and produces a significantly more delicious cup.

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About This Coffee

Flavors: Cocoa, Cherry
Sourced from: Huila, Colombia
Elevation grown: 1800 meters
Producers: Amigos del Huila
Varietals: caturra, variedad colombia, tabi, pacas
Harvested: 2022
Process: WASHED

This decaf coffee is a community blend from the Amigos del Huila, in Huila, Colombia. It tastes of cherry and cocoa, and is very soluble and easy to work with.

Huila, Colombia

In this decafeination process, sugarcane molasses is fermented to create ethanol, and then mixed with acetic acid to create Ethyl Acetate (EA). The coffee is steamed which opens the pores, and allows for the extraction of caffeine molecules. From there, it’s placed into an ethyl acetate solution where it bonds to the salts of chlorogenic acid inside the beans. When the coffee is fully saturated, the solution is drained and refilled until 97% or more of the caffeine is removed. Sugarcane is widely available in Colombia, and the decaffeination plant - Descafecol - gets their sugarcane from farms in the town of Palmira in the Valle del Cauca Department, west of Huila.

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