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Colombia Los Guacharos

Colombia Los Guacharos

We’ve carried many coffees from the Los Guacharos group before, but this is a unique one: our first bourbon aji varietal. This varietal is the subject of much fascination and rumor: it’s labeled a bourbon despite being actually traced to an Ethiopian landrace, and aji, or chili in English, due to either the color of its’ ripe cherry, or some producers detecting some spiciness both in the cup and on their fingers after picking! What we can say for sure is that it makes an astoundingly complex cup. We found it tastes of lychee and honeydew, with a laser-focused body and sweetness, reminiscent of simple syrup.

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About This Coffee

Flavors: Lychee, honeydew, simple syrup
Sourced from: Huila, Colombia
Elevation grown: 1600 - 1800 Meters
Producers: Luis Titimbo, Luz Dary Polo, Alirio Muñoz, Ines Perafan, and Edilma Piedrahita
Varietals: Bourbon Aji
Harvested: 2023
Process: Washed

Huila, Colombia

Los Guacharos are a very admirable producer group, doing incredible work in coffee production in Huila. Collectively, they are converting to organic agriculture, producing their own fertilizers and pesticides, and introducing sophisticated water filtration system to minimize waste in processing. Of course, they’re also focused on their producers’ coffee quality, training in everything from agronomy to latte art, collectively paying for organic agriculture consultancy, and working to improve each other's farms with water filtration systems and organic fertilizers. Los Guacharos are what make buying Colombian coffees such a joy for us, knowing that the wonderful cups we brew are at the end of a long chain of incredible work towards sustainability and quality.

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