Tricolate - Our new favorite single cup brewer.

Tricolate - Our new favorite single cup brewer.

Elm is very happy to announce we are now selling the Tricolate brewer, a innovative new device that's quickly become our favorite way to brew at home. We've been experimenting with it since it's release and jumped at the chance to retail this Australian made brewer here in the US.

Simply put, the Tricolate solves many issues with other existing manual brew methods on the market. It's a simple, cylindrical shaped brewer, made from durable and heat stable Tritan plastic, that utilizes high quality, proprietary German lab paper filters. It features a shower head that evenly disperses water over your bed of coffee without the use of a gooseneck kettle and attentive pouring. 

The Tricolate has a wide, flat brew bed with no bypass, which allows you to maximize extraction to a degree we've never seen with an out of the box manual brewer, without astringency. The end result is some of the best manual brews we've ever tasted, in a compact, durable, travel friendly package, that requires no esoteric equipment or knowledge. 

This makes the Tricolate perfect for complete beginners, looking for good filter coffee in the simplest method possible, and jaded coffee wizards who want to experiment with bleeding edge extractions.

For the curious, we have been fans of Scott Rao's Tricolate recipe, which takes advantage of the brewers propensity for high extraction by shooting for an 8-10 minute brew. It goes as follows:

  1. Dose 20g of coffee at cupping/medium fine grind, 400g of water (1:20 ratio)
  2. Add filter, then grounds to tricolate, then shake brewer to level the coffee bed. Place shower head on brewer.
  3. Start timer, pour 60g of boiling water to bloom. Spin gently to level.
  4. At 1 minute, pour 170g of boiling water to brewer. Spin gently to level.
  5. At 3-6 minutes, or when water is 1 cm above coffee bed, pour final 170g of water to brewer. Spin aggressively to level.
  6. At 7-10 minutes water should draw down. Enjoy!
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