Ethiopia Bokasso

Ethiopia Bokasso

Our newest coffee is grown in the Sidama region of Ethiopia at the Bokasso cooperative. The farmers in the area bring their coffee here to be milled and prepared for export.  Bokasso is part of the Sidama Coffee Farmer’s Cooperative Union, which is the umbrella organization for all coffees grown in Sidama. Among other things, they ensure that lots are separated appropriately.  

Every region of Ethiopia produces coffees with unique qualities: coffees from Yirgacheffe are often tea-like and floral, while Sidama coffees have darker fruit flavors (think grape and raisin) with citrus accents.  Our current Bokasso Sidama is jammy and sweet, with notes of cooked peaches.

We're really excited about this new coffee, and love serving it as espresso and brewed coffee. Pick up a bag next time you're in the shop, and give it a taste if it's on the menu as one of our offerings. 


*Sidama images courtesy of Red Fox Merchants

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