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For every bag sold, we’ll be donating 35% of sales to Seattle non-profit Solid Ground.

Now through the end of 2020, each purchase of a bag of our Highland Holiday Blend supports Solid Ground, a local organization with programs and services that help more than 75,000 households each year overcome poverty and build better futures throughout King County and across Washington state.

Guatemala Highlands Blend
We purchased the Guatemala Highlands Blend from our importing partner Shared Source, who are doing extraordinary work in Guatemala, Colombia and other growing regions. We buy the majority of our Central and South American coffees from Shared Source, and have developed strong relationships with many of our producers through them.

For the Highlands Blend, Shared Source curated coffees from farmers they work with in Huehuetenango to produce a smooth and compatible flavor profile. All of the producers whose coffees went into this blend were paid at least 1250 quetzales per quintal (a quintal is around 100 lbs of parchment coffee) for their coffees at a time when local market prices were around 600 quetzals per quintal--a price that would not even cover the cost of production. (The cost of production in Guatemala has been calculated to be around 700-800 quetzals per quintal, though of course that can vary widely based on labor costs, farm inputs, and farm management.)