Rwanda Kanzu Lot 8

Tangerine, honey, black tea.

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  • Flavors Tangerine, honey, black tea.
  • sourced from Nyamasheke, Rwanda
  • elevation grown 1800-2100 meters
  • producers Smallholder farmers
  • varietals Local bourbon varieties
  • harvested Spring 2021
  • process washed

Often overlooked for other African coffees, Rwanda Kanzu Lot 8 is an excellent example of what Rwanda has to offer as a unique coffee growing region: a sweet and syrupy Bourbon varietal with very clean black tea and citrus flavors. 

The Kanzu washing station is set in the lush green hills of the Nyamasheke district of Rwanda’s Western province, and overlooks Lake Kivu. Nyamesheke is extremely fertile, producing cassava, beans, bananas, sweet potatoes, and sugarcane in addition to coffee, which is only harvested for 4-5 months of the year.

Rwandan coffees have seen a massive quality improvement due to an unprecedented level of development in the sector since the 1994 genocide. After being devastated in the civil conflict, the Rwandan coffee industry saw a huge amount of foreign aid come in, building washing stations, forming co-ops, and training and advising in quality control and agronomy. Now, coffees like Kanzu Lot 8 can go toe to toe in the specialty markets against Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees which have traditionally dominated.