Ecuador Maria Guetio

Key lime, mandarin.

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  • Flavors Key lime, mandarin.
  • sourced from Imbabura
  • elevation grown 1600 meters.
  • producers Maria Guetio
  • varietals Caturra and Bourbon
  • harvested July 2020
  • size 12 oz. wholebean

This is Elm’s first Ecuadorian coffee, a wonderful washed coffee with bright citrus flavors with underlying caramel sweetness. Ecuador is a challenging origin to source from, for primarily economic reasons. Ecuador uses the US dollar for its currency, as well as levying heavy tariffs against foreign goods, which means that every bag of fertilizer or piece of farming equipment a coffee producer needs has a significant mark-up. Not only that, Ecuador has strong national labor laws that institute a fair minimum wage, health care and paid time off.

This all means we have to price this coffee at a higher level than other Latin American countries, like neighboring Colombia. We believe that this difference of a few dollars is worth it for this unique coffee, but more importantly for the chance to show our customers a more equitable model of coffee exchange, where workers at origin are given a much higher standard of living.