Colombia Jairo Nuñez

Fudge, raspberry, currant.

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  • Flavors Fudge, raspberry, currant.
  • sourced from Tarqui, Colombia
  • elevation grown 1900 meters
  • producers Jairo Nuñez
  • varietals Caturra
  • harvested Summer 2018
  • size 12 oz.

This is our third year buying this amazing coffee from Tarqui, Huila.  

We purchase this coffee through our importing partners at Shared Source and we are happy to offer it again.  As always, it is lush and sweet, with mango and tropical flavors, rounded by caramel sweetness.  This year it is particularly round and more full bodied.  Jairo grows his caturra varietal plants in Tarqui with his wife Mireya, who processes her own coffee and from whom we also purchased coffee this year.  Jairo is constantly working on improving his agronomy practices, including spraying the plants with organic fertilizers made from fermented fruits and vegetables grown on the land.