Colombia Yorgeny Torres

Tangerine, cherry

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  • Flavors Tangerine, cherry.
  • sourced from Nariño, Colombia
  • elevation grown 2000 meters
  • producers Yorgeny Torres
  • varietals Caturra
  • harvested Summer 2020
  • size 12 oz. wholebean

Our first relationship coffee in Nariño, Colombia. 

This region is located southwest of Huila, where we have purchased the bulk of our Colombian coffees in the past.  We prefer to purchase from the same producers yearly whenever possible, as we think this is the best way to provide value at origin, and have seen increases in quality, environmental and financial sustainability for all those involved because of this practice.

This coffee is dense, sweet and beautiful.  

Yorgeny Torres operates a small lot of a 2 hectare family farm.  She's meticulous about quality, picking cherries later in the season to maximize sweetness, utilizing anerobic processing and shade drying to ensure a stable and quality crop.

This is our second year buying Yorgeny's coffee and we've been amazed with its deep sweetness and elegant, cherry jam flavors.  It tastes like the highest quality chocolate bar: red fruits and cocoa, bright and sweet.