Colombia Mireya Trujillo

Pineapple, vanilla, caramel.

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  • Flavors Pineapple, vanilla, caramel.
  • sourced from Tarqui, Huila
  • elevation grown 1800 meters
  • producers Mireya Trujillo
  • varietals caturra
  • harvested Winter 2020
  • process washed

Our longtime partner in Tarqui, Huila.

This is our third year buying Mireya’s coffees, and the second harvest in 6 months. Colombia has several growing “seasons”, even across very small areas. As coffee cherry ripens at different times in different Colombian mico-climates, we love that we are able to offer fresh-crop Colombian coffees throughout most of the year. This crop is particularly lovely,with a distinct tropical character. Mireya is an amazing woman producer, and we are proud to serve her coffees every year.