Colombia ASOPEP Cooperative

Orange, milk chocolate, grape.

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  • Flavors Orange, milk chocolate, grape.
  • sourced from Planadas, Colombia
  • elevation grown 1700 meters
  • producers ASOPEP Cooperative
  • varietals caturra, colombia
  • harvested Summer 2018
  • size 12 oz. wholebean

The Asociación de Productores Ecológicos de Planadas is a cooperative of 168 families in Tolima, Colombia.  

This coffee is a blend of Caturra and Colombia varietals from lots in the area surrounding Planadas, which is located close to Nevado de Huila, the highest volcano in Colombia.  Though we don't typically offer cooperative blends from Colombia on our filter menu, this coffee has been stellar in the past and this year is no different.  It has lovely distinct, saturated orange and tangerine character.