Achillee Quetsches Alors

red fruit, basil

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  • ORIGIN Alsace, France
  • Varietals 95% Victoria Plum, 5% Riesling
  • Made Biodynamic
    natural fermentation
    second fermentation in bottle
    5.5% ABV

Naturally fermented macerated plums and a small amount of riesling combine to create this unique effervescent treat. Made on a biodynamic farm in Alsace, by French brothers that are making exciting wines like this one after taking on the farm from their father.


Pierre and Jean's vineyards have been farmed in a biodynamic method since 2003, and in 2016 they decided they wanted to do something interesting with the small amount of fruit trees also grown on their property. Thus, we are given this Pet- Nat full of character. An unexpected treat, both jammy and bright, this cloudy, fizzy bottle is a welcome choice while cooking dinner or to accompany a lively game night.


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