La Valle del Sole Passerina

Peach, orange blossom, minerals

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  • ORIGIN Marche, Italy
  • Varietals 100% Passerina
  • Made Certified Organic
    medium clay soil
    hand harvested
    slow fermentation in controlled temp.
    maturation in cement

A certified organic wine grown in clay soil and harvested by hand on central Italy's Adriatic coast. We enjoy the grounding minerality that follows the peach aroma to a light, refreshing finish.

From the winemaker: 'Passerina is an ancient and traditional variety in the white wines of the Marche wine region of central Italy. It is thought to be a mutation of Biancame (the name by which the Bianchello grape is known in Marche), and it is often confused with Bombino Bianco and Trebbiano Toscano. The majority of Passerina vines are to be found in Marche's Piceno province, but there are also significant plantings all across central Italy, in Abruzzo, Emilia Romagna and Lazio.
Passero is the Italian word for 'sparrow', the bird known to Italian vinegrowers for its voracious appetite for ripe Passerina grapes. The Italian '–ina' suffix is ​​a diminutive, and indicates the relatively small size of Passerina grapes.

Passerina vines have mid-sized, pentagonal leaves and small grapes, which grow in medium-large clusters. The berry's skin is quite thick and ripens to a deep golden color. The grapes ripen with a high level of natural sugars, and have correspondingly high acidity, making for balanced wines.'

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