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    Fifty - Eight
    Fragrant Leaf
    Shan Lin Xi Winter Sprout
    Purple Rose
    Holy Basil

Because even coffee lovers crave a nice cup of tea, sometimes.   

Meticulously sourced tea from our friends in San Francisco. A range of choices from botanical blends to the Yunnan red that is most popular in our cafes. These teas can take several steepings for a long afternoon of enjoyment.


The Fifty- Eight is what we recommend for people looking for a standard cup of tea. Red tea from Yunnan gained international recognition in 1958, hence the name of this tea that is indigenous to the region. This organically grown tea tastes of malted milk chocolate and sweet cherries. 

For a soft, yet complex white tea, Purple Rose offers just that. The organically grown leaves are dried through a slow process of air drying without heat to help them keep the crisp, floral notes of verbena, rose and burdock. Grown in Fujian in partnership with  Song.

Fragrant Leaf is the green tea we offer, grown organically in northern Sichuan. The location and process help this tea develop bright sweetness and balanced floral notes of cucumber, nasturtium, and golden raisin.

A mid-winter harvest combined with the arduous process of drying and roasting Shan Lin Xi Winter Sprout by hand produce a uniquely sweet and delicious cup. When we describe the aroma of this oolong as cotton candy, everyone is pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of that description. Each rolled leaf unfurls for a quick steep and can be brewed two or three times retaining great flavor throughout.

For those that want a caffeine-free botanical blend that drinks like a green tea, we recommend Holy Basil. Made entirely of organic components, the tulsi, lemon balm, and rose is blended by Song in San Francisco.

Finally, a truly unique botanical blend of Carrot, burdock, ginger, and cinnamon come together for a caffeine-free full bodied cup similar to a red tea.