Kenya Kiandu AB

Cantaloupe, raisin.

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  • Flavors Cantaloupe, raisin.
  • sourced from Nyeri, Kenya
  • elevation grown 1800 meters.
  • producers 1,524 members of the Kiandu Co-Op
  • varietals SL-28, SL-34, Batian, Ruiru
  • harvested Winter 2021
  • size 12 oz. wholebean

Kenyan coffees are some of the most remarkable in the world, and Kiandu AB is no different. Exhibiting both rich dark fruit flavors like raisin and refreshing, bright cantaloupe, it is an excellent example of how complex and satisfying these coffees can be.

This coffee is from the Kiandu washing station in Nyeri County, at the base of Mount Kenya, Africa’s second highest mountain. The fertile volcanic soil and numerous freshwater streams make Nyeri a near ideal place to not only grow, but process coffee as well. The availability of fresh water means cooperatives can process their communities’ coffee crops with the utmost care, utilizing a 72 hour fermentation that ends with a thorough washing stage that makes sure to remove all lingering fruit from the coffee cherries.

Kiandu’s washing station has been around since 1970, but has been owned by its own local cooperative since 2011, serving 1,524 coffee producers. Each farmer only has up to 200 coffee trees, as a supplement to growing food crops like corn, beans, and sweet potatoes. The cooperative has given farmers access to medical care, schooling and farm inputs, as well as securing high returns and increased production.