Kenya Karatina

Blackberry, lime, caramel

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  • Flavors Blackberry, lime, caramel
  • sourced from Karatina factory, Nyeri county
  • elevation grown 1650 meters
  • producers Barichu Cooperative Society
  • varietals Ruiru 11, SL28, Batian
  • harvested Spring 2020
  • size 12 oz. wholebean

A big, juicy, classic Kenyan coffee, bursting with blackberry jam and caramel flavors.

This coffee comes from the Karatina Factory, run by the Barichu Cooperative Society, a cooperative of 1450 smallholder farmers in Nyeri County, at the southern part of Mt. Kenya. This is a perfect environment for growing coffee, high elevations with rich red-volcanic soil and plenty of rainfall. The Karatina factory pays some of the highest returns to farmers in Kenya, allowing producers to both elevate their standard of living and improve their farms, as well as providing access to training, financing for schooling, and emergency funds.