Kenya Kamwangi AA

Blackberry, toffee.

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  • Flavors Blackberry, toffee.
  • sourced from Kirinyaga, Kenya
  • elevation grown 1800 meters.
  • producers 1,500 members of the Ngariama Cooperative Society
  • varietals SL-28, Batian, Ruiru
  • harvested Winter 2021
  • size 12 oz. wholebean

This coffee comes from Kirinyaga County, a region of Kenya that includes Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain in all of Africa. The high elevation, volcanic soil, and many freshwater streams make this an ideal coffee growing region, one of the greatest in the world. Kamwangi is one of three washing stations run by Ngariama Cooperative Society, and serves 1,500 smallholder farmers, who each contribute only enough cherry for a few bags, only in the hundreds of pounds.

Kenyan coffee is known for its high quality processing, a step in the coffee process arguably as important as roasting. Utilizing a uniquely thorough 72 hour process, coffee is mechanically pulped, fermented to break down remaining sugars, and then washed and dried, all to ensure a high quality, clean crop.

All this contributes to a reputation that hails Kenyan coffee as some of the world’s best, which Kamwangi is no exception to. This coffee is deeply rich and satisfying, with dark fruit flavors like blackberry that couple nicely with toffee-like sweetness.