Kenya Gachatha AB

Blackberry, maple

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  • Flavors Blackberry, maple
  • sourced from Nyeri, Kenya
  • elevation grown 1800 meters
  • producers Members of the Gachatha Cooop
  • varietals SL-28,34
  • harvested Winter 2020
  • process washed

A vibrant cup that straddles the line between deep jammy sweetness and bright citrus.

Gachatha is an AB graded Kenyan coffee, making it a smaller bean than the well known AA grade, which we find adds more floral and citrusy characteristics to the coffee than the classic berry and wine flavors of Kenya AA. For die-hard Ethiopian fans, this is an excellent entry point into the world of Kenyan coffees, while those well acquainted with Kenya's wonderful qualities will appreciate the brighter flavors.