Ethiopia Yabitu Koba

Grape, floral, vanilla

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  • Flavors Grape, Caramel.
  • sourced from Uraga, Guji
  • elevation grown 2000 meters.
  • producers Feku Jabril
  • varietals JARC Selections & Indigenous Ethiopian Landraces
  • harvested January 2020
  • size 12 oz. wholebean

Yabitu Koba comes to us from Uraga, a region of Ethiopia just on the other side of the mountains from the Gedeo zone well known for its Yirgacheffe coffees.

With coffee production only starting in Uraga in the early 2000’s, the area had a lot of potential to produce excellent crops, something spotted early by Feku Jabril, who set up a washing station in the Uraga community of Yabitu Koba. Jabril brought methodical processing and high quality standards to the area and has produced an exceptional coffee that shows the potential of the Uraga region. For those looking for an exceptionally sweet and light bodied Ethiopian coffee, Yabitu Koba is an excellent choice.