Ethiopia Genji Challa

Lavender, honey

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  • Flavors Lavender, honey
  • sourced from Gera, Ethiopia
  • elevation grown 1900 meters
  • producers Genji Challa COOP Members
  • varietals Landrace
  • harvested Winter 2020
  • process washed

A new coffee site from the Nano Challa Cooperative, a pioneer of quality washed Ethiopian coffees.

Genji Challa is the second station opened by the Nano Challa cooperative in Gera, a region known for its lush forests where you can still find wild coffee growing. The cooperative has made a concerted effort to highlight the unique qualities of the region by keeping individual batches separate, this one being lot #11, which was harvested later in the season and at higher elevations.

Nano Challa has been at the forefront of excellent coffee in southwestern Ethiopia, providing essential washing infrastructure that allows growers to command higher prices for their coffee, so we are very excited to bring some of their newest coffee to you. This Genji Challa has the classic lavender floral qualities of washed Ethiopian coffees with a sweetness reminiscent of honey the Gera region is famous for producing.