Ethiopia Benti Nenka

Grape, floral, vanilla

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  • Flavors Grape, floral, vanilla
  • sourced from Hambela Wamena, Guji
  • elevation grown 2000 meters.
  • producers Eyasu Worasa
  • varietals JARC Selections & Indigenous Ethiopian Landraces
  • harvested Spring 2020
  • size 12 oz. wholebean

An elegant, clean and sparkling cup with deep grape and floral flavors.  Exceptional.

This coffee comes from the Guji region of Ethiopia, once conflated with Sidamo but now recognized as its own producing region with high quality coffees.  Benti Nenka is home to around 600 smallholder farmers, owning 1-2 hectares each, who all process their coffee at the Guduba wet mill, where the coffee is washed to ensure a clean tasting and balanced end product. Benti Nenka then comes to us as a complex, floral coffee, perfect for those looking for a brighter cup.