Colombia Vanessa Quintero

Red Grape, Caramel.

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  • Flavors Red Grape, Caramel.
  • sourced from Inzá, Colombia.
  • elevation grown 1800 - 2000 meters.
  • producer Vanessa Quintero
  • varietals Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
  • harvested Spring 2021
  • process washed

Vanessa Quintero grows her coffees in the Inzá province, known in Colombia as La Tierra Adentro. With a clear view of the highest volcano in Colombia, Nevado del Huila, Inzá grows much of its coffee at a high elevation of 1900 masl.

The coffee farms in Inzá are small, often operated by families with no more than 20-30 hectares of land dedicated to the crop, meaning coffees can be separated by family or individual producer quite easily.

Aided by the local producer’s association, Asorcafe, these smallholder farmers can command a higher price for the crops, and access essential aid and services.