Burundi Kayanza Muriri Hill

Marzipan, Tangerine.

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  • Flavors Marzipan, Tangerine.
  • sourced from Kayanza, Burundi
  • elevation grown 1800 meters
  • producers Dusangirijambo Cooperative
  • varietals bourbon
  • harvested January 2021
  • process washed

This is the first Burundi coffee Elm has purchased since 2015, all the way back when we first opened. We always try to bring in more Central African coffees, and Muriri Hill really surprised us on the cupping table. With a strong citrus top note of tangerine and complex marzipan like sweetness, this coffee has a wonderful effervescent quality.

Muriri Hill is where the Dusangirijambo coffee cooperative is located, in Sogestal Kayanza, northern Burundi. It's a relatively new organization, only formed 6 years ago.  The co-op buys and processes daily deliveries of coffee from its' local member farmers, this coffee is made up of two consecutive day lots that tasted identical on the cupping table.