Why we love the Fellow Prismo

We’ve just started carrying the Fellow Prismo attachment for Aeropress, and wanted to explain why we love this little upgrade for our favorite portable brewer. Normally we aren’t big fans of coffee gadgets at Elm, but the Prismo really is a big improvement on the Aeropress brewer.

The Prismo is a replacement for the stock Aeropress filter basket, adding a reusable metal filter and a pressure activated valve at the bottom. This means you don’t have to flip your Aeropress to get a good immersion brew, the valve doesn’t let any coffee drip through until you start plunging, and that build up of pressure makes a more espresso-like brew possible. For those who love the Aeropress for travel, the Prismo also gets rid of all those little filters, and makes it a way more portable package, as well as eliminating all that paper waste. All in all, it solves a lot of the issues with the Aeropress that people have tried to solve with complicated recipes and methods.

As far as how we use the Prismo, we try and keep it pretty simple. 20 grams of coffee, ground for filter/drip (the finer side of medium), with 300 grams of water, making sure to stir the brew at the beginning, capping it off with the plunger, letting it sit for 2 minutes, then removing the plunger to stir once more, then pressing the plunger all the way through to finish the brew. This is definitely going to be more like a filter coffee, so getting to something more espresso-like will require a little more experimentation on your part, but that’s all the fun of the Aeropress right?